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How We Were Formed

Buy Local Kalamazoo grew out of an interest on the part of local business owners and consumers to distinguish businesses that support the local economy. We have a unique community of businesses that enhance the character and integrity of the Kalamazoo area.

Guiding Principles

  • The welfare of a community relies on the health of the local economy.
  • Independent business is the foundation for a successful, thriving local economy.
  • Alliances among independent businesses yield new opportunities and are at the root of economic growth and development.

Strategic Objectives

  • To increase the purchase of locally produced products, supplies and services by businesses and local residents.
  • To educate local residents on the benefits of purchasing local products and services.
  • To direct capital toward local financial institutions and businesses that are committed to building a more inclusive and healthy economy.
  • To create educational materials, forums and other means to increase, promote and improve local independent businesses.
  • To develop a diverse network of entrepreneurs, non-profit and community members committed to our mission.
  • To support economic development through key initiatives.
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